The Sales Presentation competition is designed around the Corporate/Large Account selling process. It is assumed that the sales representative has gathered information in order to understand the customer’s needs and wants.

It is also expected that the sales representative has conducted research and gathered information to understand the competitive environment and potential pricing options, and developed a strategic implementation plan.

The presentation is a creative demonstration of the strategic selling plan that addresses the needs of the customer, providing options for an implementation plan and a costing/pricing analysis with the desired intent to close the deal.

General Judging Considerations

  • The student’s task is to execute an effective sales presentation and get the order. They should be able to identify the needs of the customer, communicate the features and benefits of their product, attempt to close the sale, and effectively handle any objections. Students are expected to use industry-standard business and marketing terminology during their presentations.
  • It is assumed that each judge is from the customer company, and each may take on a specific role. Judges will understand the needs of the company.

Event Objectives

  • To demonstrate the students’ ability to Organize and execute an effective sales presentation.


  • All participating students must be from diploma-level marketing or marketing-related programs. Post-diploma, graduate certificate or degree program students are not eligible for this event. Repeat OCMC students cannot enter an event in which they have previously participated.

Student Preparation

  • Each sales representative (one student per college) will represent an organization (to be determined) in a buyer-seller role-play situation. The objective is to get the order.
  • The sales scenario will be provided by the host college by the of September. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.
  • Students are to assume that the meeting with the prospect has been prearranged and that this is the first face-to-face meeting. Students must state their assumptions to the judges before making their presentation.
  • Students and coaches are not allowed to contact the sponsoring or buying company in any way (phone, email or social media) when preparing for the sales presentation. They may research the website for basic information about the company, but personal contact of any kind is forbidden.
  • The sales representative provides his/her own sales aids and material.
  • Students will have 20-minutes maximum to complete their sales presentation. Students must be prepared to handle objections at any time during the presentation.


  • The presentation time will be 20 minutes maximum, including presentation, handling of objections and closing the sale. Students should be prepared to respond to objections at any time.
  • Participants are responsible for managing their time. Judges will be conscious of time and will ask a candidate to stop if necessary.
  • The judges will use the remaining minutes in the cycle to complete the sales presentation evaluation form.


  • Each student participant will receive a feedback form from the host College approximately three weeks following the competition.