OCMC is a student-focused learning experience that provides participants the ability to demonstrate their essential, vocational, and employability skills before industry professionals. OCMC serves as a stepping-stone from academia to industry by creating real world experiences and networking opportunities.

After well over 30 years, the Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition (OCMC) continues to bring hundreds of highly motivated business students and dynamic faculty together to showcase their business talents and earn top awards for teamwork and strategic thinking. This prestigious competition is hosted annually by a different Ontario college and is driven as a student-centered event with volunteer faculty providing organizational assistance. The OCMC provides students with an extremely valuable learning experience and is funded annually by corporate sponsors, the host college, and registration fees.


The first-ever college marketing competition in Ontario took place at Lambton College in Sarnia in 1980, with professor Gerry Gravstaed leading the charge. The format and name of the event, Distribution Education Clubs of America (DECA) was picked up from similar competitions in the United States. In 1986, Mohawk College hosted the event and the OCMC name was used for the first time. 1988 was the first year that the entire province was represented at the event. The 40th edition of the competition will be hosted by Humber College in November 2021. It will be the first ever OCMC that will be in an ONLINE format.

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