Marketing Case Overview

The Marketing case involves a pair of student participants who will be presented with a marketing related challenge (case) and then given half an hour to prepare a presentation.  The intent of the case is to challenge students to think creatively and strategically in a time constrained situation, allowing them to demonstrate their ability to think quickly and adapt to different situations.  As a judge in this event, your job is to assume the role of the client described in the case scenario and evaluate how effectively each team presents their recommendation.

The Case Scenario

The students will not be aware of the client company before they enter the prep room.  The client’s industry is publishing.

Students will have 30 minutes to familiarize themselves with the situation, formulate recommendations and develop a presentation.  

The presentation for the Marketing Case typically reflects a situation where students would take on the role of a marketing consultant giving a presentation on a strategic marketing decision to an organization’s senior marketing or management team. Typical situations could include new product launches, generating awareness, marketing plan development, increasing sales, branding considerations, or similar scenarios.

The Marketing Case typically focuses student recommendations towards any combination of product decisions, pricing, segmentation/targeting, promotional elements, or distribution decisions.

Within the scenario of the case, it will be assumed that the team has not yet met you, but has received a communication outlining your situation. Students will be made aware of the industry that the client company operates in several weeks prior to the event.

Marketing Case Event Description