Quiz Bowl Overview

The Quiz Bowl event challenges students to think fast pace and strategically in a time constrained situation. Teams of four students represent their college in this exciting test of marketing concepts and current events.

Quiz Bowl Procedure

Competing teams will be gather on stage and be provided with an electronic tablet device on which to answer questions. Questions will be presented on tablets and a large projection screen while the Moderator reads the question aloud. Once the reading is complete students are presented with either multiple-choice options or a text box in which their team lead will select or enter the team’s answer.

Multiple-choice questions have a 30 second countdown timer and text-entry questions have a 45 second countdown timer. All questions begin with a maximum value of 10 points, but the value reduces as the time to answer runs out. Teams that answer correctly in the fastest time receive the corresponding points. Should a team answer a question incorrectly, they will have 2 points deducted from their score. Not answering a question carries no penalty.

For 2022 Quiz Bowl will be utilizing the CrowdPurr Gaming Platform (crowdpurr.com). The game is operated by technical staff under the direction of a team of judges. Depending on the number of teams participating, the top one or two teams from each qualifying round will advance to the Final Game. Teams that do not advance will participate in wildcard rounds for a 2nd chance at being in the final. The Final round will consist of 5 or 6 teams competing for 1st to 5th place standings.

Training Resources

Marketing Theory

We would like to welcome Pearson as the content sponsor for the 2022 Quiz Bowl Event. Quiz Bowl participants and coaches will be provided access to, and we will be drawing core Marketing theory questions from, the following chapters of their new eText Revel for Marketing, 1st edition by Michael Shekter:

  • Chapter 7 – Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
  • Chapter 8 – Product and Branding
  • Chapter 11 – Distribution
  • Chapter 13 – Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, and Personal Selling
  • Chapter 14 – Digital Marketing
  • Chapter 15 – Integrated Marketing Communication and Media

Shekter – Revel for Marketing, 1st edition
Marketing, (Subscription)
ISBN-13: 9780135360095

Click here for Textbook Information

Current Events

TBD – Details coming soon!

Gaming Platform for Practice

Participating teams and/or students can sign up for and practice using the CrowdPurr platform at no cost. Please visit https://www.crowdpurr.com/ to create your free account!

Further Information

For more information about Quiz Bowl preparation, please reach out to scott.campbell@senecacollege.ca.