Sales Presentation Overview

The Sales Presentation competition is designed around the Corporate/Large Account selling process. It is assumed that the sales representative has conducted evaluation calls with this customer gathering information in an attempt to understand the customers’ needs and wants. 

It is also expected that the sales representative has conducted research and gathered information to understand the competitive product environment, potential pricing options and a strategic implementation plan.  

The presentation is a creative demonstration of the strategic selling plan that addresses the needs of the customer providing options for an implementation plan and a costing /pricing analysis with the desired intent to close the deal.

General Judging Considerations

The student’s role in this case is to execute an effective sales presentation, and get the order.  They should be able to identify the needs of the customer, communicate the features and benefits of their product, attempt to close the sale and effectively handle any objections.  Students are expected to use industry-standard business and marketing terminology during their presentation. 

It is assumed that each judge is from the customer company, and each will take on a specific role.  Judges will understand the needs of the company.

Sales Presentation Event Description

Sales Presentation Case

Sales Presentation Case (Background)