Quiz Bowl Overview

The Quiz Bowl event challenges students to think fast pace and strategically in a time constrained situation. Each team will consist of four students from unique, randomly selected colleges.

Quiz Bowl Procedure

The moderator reads the questions aloud. Once the reading is complete the question will be displayed on the screen. Should a competitor press the buzzer while the moderator is reading, the moderator will stop, and the student will answer the question within 20 seconds. The buzzing team will be given a warning when 5-seconds remain on the clock.

If the buzzing team answers the question incorrectly, the opposing team will have a chance to answer. Prior to answering, the moderator will read the entire question. The team will have 10 seconds to answer. This 10-second rule will be strictly enforced. The opposing team will be given a warning when 5-seconds remain on the clock.

If a question has been fully read, the teams have 10 seconds to buzz in. If a team buzzes in before the 10 seconds expire, the above two points apply. However, if after 10 seconds, no team has buzzed, the question will be considered dead and the moderator will move on to the next question.


Quiz Bowl Material

Each round will comprise of three questions from the following textbooks and four questions from the magazine issues listed below.

Think Marketing, Third Edition, Pearson Publishing
Chapter Topic  
11 Pricing Decisions  
14 Integrated Marketing Communications  


The Core: Marketing, Fifth Canadian Edition, McGraw Hill Ryerson
Chapter Topic  
3 Consumer Behaviour  
13 Digital Marketing Communications  


Marketing, Fourth Canadian Edition, Nelson Publishers
Chapter Topic  
3 Strategic Planning  
11 Developing and Managing New Products  
Four issues of Strategy Magazine*
  • January/February 2019
  • March/April 2019
  • May 2019
  • Summer 2019
    * Free digital copies are available online at strategyonline.ca