Job Interview Overview

The Job Interview challenges students to successfully interview for an entry-level position in marketing with a panel of 3-5 judges.  Judges in this event assume the role of a selection official from the company, and facilitate the interview process to determine which candidate best meets the overall job requirements.

The Job Interview Application Procedures

Candidates (one student per college) will apply to an entry-level marketing position by responding to a job advertisement that will be posted on the official OCMC 2017 web site for all colleges by Friday September 15, 2017.  Student candidates can either:

  1. Email their resume and cover letter to, OR
  2. Send four copies of their resume and cover letter to the host college as follows:

Professor Jim Neubauer 

School of Business

Algonquin College

1385 Woodroffe Avenue, B422

Ottawa, Ontario  K2G 1V8

All documents must arrive by midnight on Monday, October 30, 2017.  Documents will be forwarded to the judges prior to the competition.  Please note no late entries will be accepted.  Students/coaching teams are not allowed to contact the sponsoring company in any way (phone or email) when preparing for the job interview.  They may research the website for basic information about the company, but personal contact is forbidden.

Job Interview Event Description

Job Interview Scenario – CLV Group