International Marketing Overview

The International Marketing Case challenges students to think creatively and strategically in a time constrained situation.  As a judge in this event, your role is to assume the role of the company management described in the case scenario and evaluate how effectively each team presents their case analysis and recommendations to address the issues raised in the case study.

The Case Scenario

The students competing in this event will be expecting the case scenario to be of an international expansion nature, however, the students will not be given advance information about the company or industry the case scenario is based on.  The case scenario will focus on key considerations facing a corporation looking to expand outside of its current country of operation, usually Canada. Corporations could also be considering making changes to its current International strategy.  The intent of the scenario is to address the realistic challenges involved in globalization, and as such, may present a problem relating to identifying a suitable target market, product or operational changes required, financial considerations, entry strategies, or how to compete effectively in the new market.

International Marketing Event Description