Integrated Marketing Communications Overview

The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) case challenges students to think creatively and strategically in a realistically time constrained situation.  It is assumed that the students have received a briefing (in the form of a case study) one week prior to the meeting.  As a judge in this event, your job is to assume the role of the client described in the case scenario and evaluate how effectively each team presents their Integrated Marketing Communications Plan.

The Case Scenario

The students will have received the case information one week prior to the meeting.  During the week, they will have access to any broadly available resources, although they will have been instructed not to contact the client organization, and to work on their analysis and plan on their own, with no input from faculty, peers or industry professionals.

Within the scenario of the case, it will be assumed that the Integrated Marketing Communications team has not yet met the judges/client, but has received the brief case outlining the situation.

All participating students are required to download and sign the IMC Case – Student Statement of Integrity. One copy of this document should be brought to the case presentation room on November 22, 2019.